New Lu

2016 The beginning of a New Year with lots of promise!

New coffee machines, new styles of pods and a focus on the benefits of Lucaffé for your health and the environment, AND, Lu has a new outfit with a fetching scarf.

There are lots of reasons for us to be excited about this year. 2015 was a year of rebuilding after the devastating storm of November 2014 left us unable to sell anything new until April. It was a long road and our very loyal customers hung in there with us. Maybe it was just because our coffee is so delicious, or for other reasons, we really appreciate them continuing to be caffeinated by us.

The release of our new Smart Pod system in the first half of this year will be very exciting. Innovations in everything from grinding to roasting combined with a new espresso machine are very exciting. Please stay tuned.

There is a renewed focus on the environmental impact of coffee pods, with one inventor of the plastic pods saying he regrets the impact to landfill his invention has created. The actual Lucaffé ESE coffee pods are totally, and simply 100% biodegradable. Lucaffé packaging is not biodegradable (but we are working on it), however, 150 Lucaffé ESE coffee pod packets create about the same land fill as 5 plastic pods. More on this and some other innovations later in the year.