Christmas window

A BIG Thank you + Christmas delivery info

Please be prepared with your coffee stock over Christmas.

Last deliveries for 2014 – Tuesday 23rd December

First deliveries for 2015 – Monday 12th January

(If you are desperate for you favourite coffee during these times, please let us know through the contact page of our website or our Facebook page and we will endeavour to pop in and despatch you coffee.)


THANK YOU! (we are fully operational again, in fact we are running at 150%)

To those of you that have been helping, supporting, following, offering help etc after the storm did it’s best to create a mess of our business, we would like to say a big thank you. And yes we are feeling the love. (to those of you who haven’t seen the video of our ceiling collapsing over the office it is worth a look on our Facebook page, Lucaffe Australia)

A special thanks must go to the Lucaffe team. They worked tirelessly and with great humour to get us back and running almost immediately. To their credit we didn’t miss an order and many of our customers wouldn’t have even known that we had a catastrophe.

Finally have a wonderful Christmas, a fabulous summer holiday and a brilliant New Year!