European Coffee Culture

An Introduction to European Coffee Culture

Here at Lucaffe, we are embedded in European coffee culture.  The Lucaffe Coffee Roasting Company was founded in 1996 on…

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Four Artistic Coffee Machines

Four Inspiring, Artistic and Unusual Coffee Machines

Can you make a statement with your coffee machine?  We like to think so. But some lovers of coffee like…

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Recycle Coffee Infographic

8 Simple Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds – [Infographic]

Here at Lucaffe, we are proud of the minimal environmental impact our coffee has. Our Lucaffe pods are a 7-gram…

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You don’t need $2.5million to get Biodegradable coffee pods in Australia

We read on July 5th, 2017 how Shark Tank Australia facilitated a deal to invest $2.5million into an Australian company…

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Pictures in your coffee

This Machine Puts Pictures in Your Coffee

For those days when a regular smiley face or fern picture in your latte just won’t cut it, there’s the…

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