Lucaffe coffee beans in showroom with labels

Coffee beans or pods – It’s your choice

There is a popular misconception that Lucaffe just delivers the world’s best ese coffee pods. That would be incorrect. We also sell a range of delicious, perfectly roasted coffee beans, in a range of sizes from 1kg bags of beans to 250gr barottolo (tins) of beans and ground coffee.

Our most popular beans are our Mr Exclusive 100% Arabica blend in 1kg bags or the 250gr Barattolo (tin). This is a superb blend of Arabica beans from around the world and predominantly from South America. Gian Luca, our master artisan roaster, varies this blend each time to maintain the integrity of the flavour and taste. When ground the coffee should have hints of toasted bread on the nose and when extracted the espresso will deliver a lovely balance of fruit and acid with a lingering finish.

Decaffeinato is in a new 700gram bag or 250gr barattolo (tin) and like our Mr Exclusive is a 100% Arabica, Swiss water processed decaffeinated coffee. This is a coffee that will not disappoint in those periods when caffeine is not a good idea.

The list goes on with our other blends to explore, Classic, Exquisit and Blucaffe each with their own unique story, aroma and flavour.

Have a look on our website for more information or better still drop in to the showroom for a peek.


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