Italian Coffee Pod Machines

Coffee machines should make great coffee, it's what they are designed to do. Sadly, not all machines measure up to this basic function. The La Piccola Coffee Machines we provide make great coffee in addition to being stylish and fun to use.



All our Coffee machines are:

  • ReliablePiccola Piccola Perla 3:4
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to service
  • And have parts readily available

These Coffee Machines take ESE coffee pods which take the guesswork out of having the right grind, the right dose and the correct level pressure when tamping the coffee in the group handle.
La Piccola commercial ESE coffee pod machines bring out your inner barista as every pour of espresso is exactly right. Perfect right down to the last drop of crema!

Sara Vapore

Ideal for: Home & Small Office
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Cecilia, Single Group Head

Ideal for: Cafes and Restaurants
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Cecilia, Doppio Group Head

Ideal for: Cafes and Restaurants
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Piccola Piccola

Ideal for: Private office or Home
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What is the best coffee machinefor your office

When choosing the perfect coffee machine for your office, it will depend on the size of your office and the amount of use your espresso machine will get.

For an office coffee maker, you will also need to consider factors such as time and mess. For quality freshly ground beans that are both quick to use and mess free, you will want to consider coffee machines that use a pod system. The ESE pod is compatible with all our range of coffee machines.

In our range of coffee machines, you will find something to suit every sized office. Watch the video below to learn more.

Cecilia Office Coffee Machine

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What types of coffee pods canyour coffee machines use?

  1. La Piccola machines use exclusively ESE coffee pods. ESE coffee pods are a standard (generic) style coffee pod that suits many machines. La Piccola does not compromise the ESE system by designing a machine that will deliver coffee several different ways.
  2. La Piccola machines do not take ground coffee or other “capsule” style coffee pods.
  3. Lucaffe is the King of ESE coffee pods around the world and has spent years perfecting the delivery of superb espresso with this system.
  4. Other coffee companies also make ESE coffee pods.

Which Coffee Machines can use ESE Pods?

What makes our coffee machines so special?

  1. Simply, they are designed by La Piccola specifically for Lucaffe and they make superb coffee.
  2. La Piccola coffee machines use exclusively ESE coffee pods. They do not compromise by trying to deliver coffee several different ways.
  3. Coffee extraction is perfect every time while also being fast, clean, efficient and fun to use.
  4. La Piccola coffee machines are all commercial grade and designed to keep pumping out espresso after espresso.
  5. They are simple to understand and require minimal training which suits a wide variety of uses and users.
  6. Each coffee machine is hand made in Italy by Italians from predominantly Italian parts. Italy is the home of coffee machine manufacture.
  7. Should your machine require service, all parts and servicing are available in Australia from Lucaffe.

Coffee Machine Service, care & Maintenance

Maintaining and looking after a quality coffee machine should be easy to understand and to do. Below are our PDFs for all relevant care and maintenance information relating to our La Piccola Coffee Machines.

How the quality of your coffee machine affects your coffee

Coffee should be extracted at exactly the right temperature, around 92°c.

Each group head in La Piccola Coffee machines is separate so every coffee is extracted at exactly the right temperature always.

Some coffee machines use the same heat source for coffee and steam for milk. The problem with this is that steam is made at 100°+ in a boiler so the coffee you make could possibly be burnt, but not in a La Piccola Italian coffee machine.

Italy is the spiritual home of coffee and coffee machines. Continuous innovation since the first espresso machine was created in 1901 has lead to the creation of the easy serve espresso (ese) coffee pod, or as they call it in Italy, cialde (pronounced “chee-al-day”).

La Piccola is Italy’s leading ese coffee pod machine manufacturer producing the Cecilia range for restaurants and businesses as well as the Sara, Bat and Piccola Piccola machines for small business, catering or home.

What is the best coffee machine for a single person?

The best coffee machines for an individual use will typically be a smaller machine such as the Sara Vapore and the Piccola Piccola coffee machines. These are great for single use espresso machines as they have don't take up much space, and you can still get great tasting espresso for an affordable price.

These are the best home coffee machines to create a little taste of Italian coffee without leaving the comfort of your home.

What is a semi-automatic coffee machine?

Coffee machines are not a one size fits all product. Before you choose your coffee machine, you will need to think about what will work best for you, an automatic coffee machine or a semi-automatic coffee machine?

Fully automatic coffee machines usually refer to an espresso coffee machine that has a one step process- such as a simple push of the button. Semi-automation coffee machines call also be called 'piston' machines. These machines much like a manual coffee machine will require you to pull a lever to make your cup of coffee.

There are a wide range of coffee machines on the market that will help you avoid the cafe queues for your morning coffee, but it will depend on your preference and price range for which one best fits your needs.

Is a capsule coffee machine different to a pod machine?

When it comes to capsule coffee machines vs pod espresso machines, their difference is in how your coffee is delivered. A pod machine will use ESE pods to provide filter wrapped coffee that is placed in a special pod adaptor. These are easy to use and make no mess.

Capsule machines such as the Nespresso range, will use capsules such as the Lucapsule to produce quality coffee for your home or office. Similar to the pods, capsules are pre-measured amounts of coffee for single serve use. Both capsule machines and pod machines have similar processes, but they are not interchangeable.

How do I choose the right coffee machine?

We love chatting to people about how they like to drink coffee. There are as many ways to make and enjoy coffee as there are coffee drinkers. Many years of installing coffee machine in offices, restaurants and homes have given us a breadth of experience in establishing exactly the right coffee machine for you.

There are always a vast number of questions when buying a coffee machine. We like delving in to your exact needs so that we can tailor the right coffee solution for you. It usually involves our delicious compostable ESE coffee pods.

Give us a call on 1300 866 173 or fill in the form below and we will happily get straight back to advise you on the best course of coffee action.

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