Pod Coffee Machines For Home

Piccola Piccola for your home

Make perfect barista quality coffee every time at home

Barista quality coffee in your home is the ultimate dream, and with the right home coffee machine it is easier than ever to fulfill your wish. Whether you are shopping for a smaller coffee machine to suit a single person, or a large coffee machine for a big family, Lucaffe's wide range has something for you.

When you buy a coffee machine and coffee you should expect excellent results, sadly this is not always the case. A standard coffee machine requires a grinder, and a consistent level of skill to make good coffee each time, as well as the time to clean up after and maintain the machine. La Piccola home coffee machines are very simple, fast to use, and extremely simple to maintain. They are commercial quality and have coffee extraction and steam production as two completely separate units in one machine.

Our coffee machines are designed and made entirely in Italy.


What is the best coffee machine for home?

We all love great tasting coffee, but how do you determine what home coffee machine works best? The first thing that you should know before shopping for your coffee machine, is that what you buy will depend on your usage and the amount of people in your home.

Whether you are looking at manual machines, automatic machines, capsule machines, a semi-automatic coffee machine, or a pod coffee machine, you want your coffee maker to fit three requirements; easy to operate, simple to clean, and produce great tasting coffee.

For a more compact coffee maker, the Lucaffe "Piccola Piccola" is the perfect coffee pod machine. It is compatible with ESE Pods and allows you to have the taste of fresh coffee beans in the comfort of your own home.

"Piccola Piccola", a great coffee machine for your home.

More about home coffee machines:

What are manual coffee machines?

A manual coffee maker differs from a fully automatic coffee machine as you will be doing all the work. This can be a pro and a con for some people, as although you may have to operate the coffee machine yourself, you also gain more control over the brewing coffee process. A manual coffee machine allows you to set the temperature to your own liking with the integrated milk frother and make latte art to your heart’s content.

You also gain more control over the coffee grinding and brewing to obtain the perfect espresso shot. However, the trouble of measuring and handling a coffee grinder is eliminated with the use of a pod coffee machine.

What are the best home coffee machines?

Unfortunately, you don’t always get the best home coffee machine when you buy from a store. You should expect excellent barista quality coffee, but sometimes all you are left with is disappointment. One sure way that you can rectify this problem is with research backing up your purchase.

All the best coffee machines require a few common elements to ensure that you have café quality coffee. The best coffee machines will be easy to use, simple to clean, and a breeze to maintain. Any good coffee machine will be made using brushed stainless-steel parts to make maintenance easier.

For larger machines with more usage, you want to be able to brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously. Coffee enthusiasts who are on the go will appreciate this feature as it can save time in your coffee making process and up your home coffee game. Imagine if you could make your espresso coffee while being able to froth milk for you and your family, halving the time that most coffee machines work.

What are the benefits of a home coffee machine?

For your morning coffee grind, imagine if you didn't have to run to your local cafe or use instant coffee? With the taste of freshly ground beans from your own espresso coffee machine you can start your morning off the right way.

With the best coffee machines for home, you can:

  • Save money without trips to the local cafe
  • Save time each morning
  • Have fresh coffee in your own home
  • Impress your guests with your barista skills
  • Experiment with flavours and recipes

What is a pod and capsule coffee machine?

Lucaffe pod coffee machines use a premeasured freshly ground coffee capsule that are compostable and easy to use. When looking at home espresso machines, ESE pods make it simple to get great coffee. All of our coffee machines use ESE Pods.

If you already have a capsule coffee machine in your home we've created Lucapsules which provide our café quality coffee for your morning coffee or afternoon treat in individual capsules that fit your existing machine. Lucapsules can be used with Nespresso® compatible coffee pod machines.

Not sure what the best coffee pod machines are just ask, or if you're looking to buy coffee pods for your machine? Check our compatibility guide.

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How to be a coffee connoisseur in your own home

For instant coffee without having to wait in cafe queues, you can be your very own barista with the best home coffee machine.

We love chatting about coffee machines and the perfect espresso machine to suit you. If you are unsure about the best coffee machines, or what espresso machine will best suit you, give us a call 1300 866 173 or fill in our contact form and we will happily get straight back to advise you on the best course of coffee action.