Come on a journey with us to Italy, Colombia, Central Africa and Asia through the tastes and aromas of our 11 exceptionally crafted coffees

All our blends, single origin and aromatized coffees are lovingly created by Gianluca Venturelli, our Italian master artisan roaster. You can explore them in myriad ways through our pods, 1kg bags of beans, 250gr or 125gr barattoli. All our coffees are available as the world standard ese coffee pod, the contemporary, sophisticated and practical way to serve exceptionally fresh coffee without mess.

Coffee Pods

No matter who you are or how you make your coffee, we have it packaged to make it easy to enjoy. Our delicious ese coffee pods (cialde) are perfect for offices whether for staff or catering, restaurants wanting to turn out perfect coffees every time. Even perfect for your home, convenience without sacrificing a true espresso experience.

Coffee Beans

Our Fresh roasted beans parcelled in a variety of sizes from 12kg cartons to 125gr tins are all packaged in a modified atmosphere to keep them fresh until they are opened. Perfectly roasted, they will delight ith their aroma and full long flavours.


A new way to look at capsule coffee. Lucapsules are an artisan roasted gourmet coffee in a Nespresso® compatible coffee pod.

The difference with Lucaffe’s Lucapsules is that they are 100% compostable.