ESE Coffee Pods

What are Ese coffee pods?

ESE Coffee PodESE Coffee Pods are an environmentally friendly coffee pod which are made of 7 grams of compressed coffee encased in a permeable food grade paper.

ESE stands for Easy Serve Espresso. (That’s easy to remember isn’t it?) It emulates the disc of coffee from a regular coffee group head that has been tamped down with the only difference being the paper that filters out impurities.

ESE pods have been available for years in Europe and are relatively new to Australia. Here at Lucaffe, our goal is to bring the the quality of Italian artisan coffee to Australia in the convenient ESE Coffee pod form.

coffee capsulesLooking for Nespresso® compatible pods?

We've got you covered there too. While our primary range is ESE Coffee Pods, we also have our very own Lucapsule Coffee Capsules.

What is an ESE pod?

What are the advantages of making coffee with  ESE Pods?

  1. Absolutely no mess. After your coffee is made, you simply remove and dispose of the used coffee pod which is completely environmentally friendly. Consistency.
  2. Because you are using a 7gram coffee pod, every coffee you make is exactly the same as the last.
  3. Low maintenance. The machine is left requiring little maintenance and is simple to clean.
  4. Less environmental impact. Once an ESE pod is used it is completely biodegradable. You can even recycle the used coffee grounds if you wish. This contrasts with the typical capsule which end up in a landfill and do not biodegrade.

How to use ESE coffee pods?

It’s really very simple to make a premium cup of coffee with ESE Pods.

  1. You need a coffee machine with a special pod adaptor.  We sell authentic Italian “La Piccola” Coffee Machines which are designed to take ESE Coffee pods.
  2. You then insert the ESE pod into the head and activate the machine
  3. Hot water under pressure is then forced through the pod giving you a premium, consistent cup of coffee.

How are ESE pods made?

7 Grams of expertly
ground coffee

Precision tamped then
encased in a permeable
food grade paper

Stored in it’s own modified
atmosphere and ready to make
the perfect espresso

Which Machines can use Lucaffe ESE Pods?

Lucaffe ESE coffee pods are made to the industry standard 7 gram, 44mm pod diameter.

They can be used in any ESE coffee pod machine that accepts the standard sized ESE pod.

We sell a full range of “La Piccola” Italian coffee machines.

You can use our ESE pods in machines from:

  • De’ Longhi (some machines)
  • Handpresso
  • Illycaff
  • Saeco (some machines)
  • Nestle

For more information check out our E.S.E. compatibility guide.

Which Coffee Machines can use ESE Pods?

Are ESE Coffee Pods Fresh?

Now there are those out there selling competing coffee solutions who would like to spread false rumours about ESE pods not being fresh or roasters using low-quality coffee.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

All our ESE coffee pods are:

  • Gently roasted in the traditional Italian style by an Italian coffee Artisan.
  • Manufactured in an oxygen-free environment.
  • Individually packed with a modified atmosphere maintain freshness.
  • Roasted to deliver maximum flavour and aroma.
  • Available in boxes of 150, 60 or trial boxes of 15.
  • Best used in a La Piccola commercial coffee pod machine.

Can I use ESE Pods in my Office?

ESE Coffee pods are the ideal solution for quality Italian coffee in your workplace.

Here are a few of the advantages of using ESE Pods in your office:

  • Fast and simple to use. Energy efficient and easy to clean.
  • Very low maintenance and low mess.
  • Excellent Italian coffee.
  • The coffee is specific to the machine style which means easy stocking and accounting.
  • The coffee is delicious and great value.
  • There is a range of around 10 coffees blends and flavours to choose from.
  • You can make a delicious coffee in under a minute.
  • You can make several coffees at a time very quickly. Great for client coffee.
  • You don’t waste time walking to the coffee vendor and back.
  • No contracts, No fuss, just great coffee.

Find out more about coffee machines and pods for your business.

Can I use ESE Pods at home?

We recommend a La Piccola coffee machine and Lucaffe ESE pods for use in the home.

Our most popular machine for homes is the “Sara”. Our compact commercial will steam milk at the same time extracting your coffee.

Find out more about coffee machines and pods for home.

Where can you buy ESE Pods?

Well from us of course!

We sell a full range of single origin and aromatised coffees, which are all lovingly created by Gianluca Venturelli, our Italian master artisan roaster.

All our coffees are available as the world standard ESE coffee pod, the contemporary, sophisticated and practical way to serve exceptionally fresh coffee without mess.

We have a wide range of delicious Italian ESE Coffee Pods you can order online and they are shipped directly to you anywhere in Australia.

Are Lucaffe Coffee Pods any good?

Absolutely! Lucaffe started as a small artisan coffee roaster and has grown over the last 15 years to be a significant supplier of coffee in Italy, and now the world.

Retaining the care that only an artisan can supply and taking an active interest in each aspect of the roasting process, Lucaffe controls the growing of the bean to flavour at the cup.