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Decaffeinato Week

Most coffee drinkers scoff at the thought of decaf. Here at Lucaffé Australia we decided to test our belief that decaf is a suitable replacement for your daily coffee with our Chief Bean Greg, and staff member Paula only drinking our Decaffeinato blend for a week.

Lucaffe’s Decaffeinato blend is 100% Arabica. The caffeine is extracted using a very gentle Swiss water method, and provides a smooth flavour, full body, and an excellent crema.

Here are the highlights from their week.

Monday – To prepare for the next five days, Greg ran a cleaner through the machine to rid it of any remaining coffee. After this, he opened up a fresh bag of Decaffeinato beans and was greeted with a beautiful and delicious aroma. The Decaffeinato poured a beautiful espresso with an excellent amount of crema. So far, this blend is providing the same delight as say our Mr. Exclusive for both Paula and Greg.

The Decaffeinato’s great extraction, full aroma, and lovely oily texture made a great coffee.

Tuesday – Greg and Paula have experienced some withdrawals from caffeine, but the decaf is providing a suitable replacement.

Wednesday – Day three and both Paula and Greg are still sticking to their Decaffeinato blend, which is surprisingly hard to do in a store filled with delicious smelling coffee. Greg is also suffering a slight headache.

Thursday – While still enjoying the decaf, Greg has had a craving for a caffeinated coffee. Paula however is loving decaf.

Friday – The final day of the week and there is excitement in the air as Greg and Paula celebrate their success with a Decaf long black, and latte.

Greg’s thoughts: “I loved the smell and texture of the decaf, especially the espresso. It is surprising that the flavour is as full as a normal coffee. What is missing is that slightly bitter lemon rind acidity that caffeine brings to the flavour.”

Paula’s thoughts: “Decaf was delicious, and I’m content to go without the caffeine, however I did find I was missing my favourite daily Columbia.”

The great extraction, full aroma, and lovely oily texture of the Decaffeinato makes a delicious coffee, providing a suitable replacement for caffeine.

So, would Paula and Greg conduct this decaf test again? Yes, because they both enjoyed caffeine more the following week.

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