Four Artistic Coffee Machines

Four Inspiring, Artistic and Unusual Coffee Machines

Can you make a statement with your coffee machine?  We like to think so.

But some lovers of coffee like to take it to the next level when making their next cup of coffee.  

We’ve found some of the most unique and amazing machines that people use to make their daily cup.

#1 Steampunk Coffee Machine by Dutch Lab

Dutch Lab combines a love of coffee with a love of design.  They manufacture majestic, luxurious and sometimes even fantastic designs.

Their latest and most grand is the AKMA which means “Devil” in Korean.

#2 Proper Coffee’s Imperial Drip Machine

This coffee machine can take up to four hours to brew one pot of coffee.  No this is not a problem with the machine.  It was designed this way with the goal to improve the richness and reduce the acidity of the resultant coffee.

The Imperial Drip, slowly drips cold water through ground beans in a process that they say creates a unique characteristic with flavour and bean extortion that can’t be accomplished with a normal hot coffee maker or espresso shot.

#3 Glass Balloon Coffee Maker

This unique coffee machine is called Café Balão and was designed by Industrial designer David Mateus

This device allows you to make coffee on the glass balloon with a third of the time which machines that use alcohol lamps.

The coffee machine consists of a pair of hand-blown glass vessels, one of which contains a wand-style heating element to boil the water.

The coffee maker uses vapor pressure and vacuum to produce coffee, with vapor from boiling water in the lower chamber forcing water into the upper chamber containing the coffee grinds. When the heat turns off, gravity pulls the brewed coffee into the lower vessel.

#4 The Piston Powered Espresso Machine

The Streitman ES3 Espresso Machine uses a rarely-seen Italian technique developed in the 1950s to produce coffee.

It uses a simple robust lever mechanism to force hot water through the coffee grounds with a piston.

Their goal is to Focus on the pure simplicity, by having a piece of solid traditional engineering to allow a sensory experience of coffee preparation.