Health benefits of Coffee

Aaaaaah, coffee …..  the aroma, the flavour  .. But, does coffee have any health benefits, you might ask yourself?  We have done some research on the health benefits of coffee and found that yes, yes it does!

We all have our favourite ways to drink it, and our favourite time to drink it:

  • Flat White, out with friends.
  • Long black, heading to the gym
  • Espresso, after a satisfying meal
  • or a refreshing iced coffee on a hot day.

And now, with study after study showing the health benefits of coffee,  we can also love the fact that drinking up to 5 regular coffees a day may help us live longer…

We’ve listed a few of those benefits which scientists have researched and may impact your life in a positive way. How is coffee having a positive impact on your day to day life?

Coffee is Brain Healthy

In fact, author and neurologist Dr David Perlmutter recommends drinking coffee as the No. 4 food to take for better brain health to fight off brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia. He states “I’m a big fan of coffee, and super thankful that it’s not only savoury but brain-healthy as well. Not only does coffee activate our Nrf2 pathways, helping to fight off oxidative stress and protect against neurodegenerative diseases, but recent studies have found that high levels of coffee consumption can be associated with up to a 65% reduction in risk for dementia. Drink up!”

Drinking coffee may protect you by reducing the risk of a long list of diseases

Including Diabetes Type 2, Stroke, heart disease, Liver and Uterus  Cancer.

Coffee stimulates our nervous system

Which in turn improves our energy, alertness and our physical performance.

Coffee can boost your Metabolic rate

The great bonus of this health benefit is that it promotes weight loss by increasing fat burn from 3% and up to 29%. It can also help your digestive system as the caffeine stimulates the peristalsis in you intestines assisting bodily waste removal.

Coffee contains high levels of antioxidants and nutrients

Antioxidants are important in a modern diet as they can prevent or slow damage to cells in our body caused by free radicals. Coffee beans, being plant-based, contain many naturally occurring nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and niacin.

Coffee appears to inhibit inflammation of our joints as we age

with regular coffee drinkers who have reached their eighties, being less stiff in their movements than their non-coffee drinking counterparts. This study also showed other age-associated conditions such as hypertension were less in the coffee drinkers.

Coffee may help to reduce pain

this has been shown not only post gym workout but also with back and general body pain after a long day at the desk.

The gentle air roasting of Lucaffe coffee beans means maximum retention of all the natural compounds in the complex little coffee bean, and maximum extraction of health benefits in each cup. So relax and enjoy your next cup of coffee smug in the fact you’re doing your health a whole world of good.

Everybody has their own limitations as to how much coffee they can tolerate, so recognise your own limit and don’t push that boundary – it will only undo all those benefits. Please remember … all good things in moderation.