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An introduction to Lucaffe

As this is our first blog, it was difficult to decide where to begin. Should we talk about how good our coffee and coffee machines are? Most of you already know that. Then there were the origins of our beans, hmm, maybe later. Then it struck me, why not talk about the origins of our logo. Happiness and coffee, two things often linked, as in, “I’m just going to stop what I’m doing and grab a coffee.”

The founder of our company, Gian Luca Venturelli (Luca) saw that there were some serious coffee producers around Italy, really serious. In fact they were so much about their coffee they forgot what the real purpose of their product was. Luca’s from a family heavily involved in the food industry in Italy. He studied coffee at uni before heading off to work on the plantations in South America. His philosophy over the years has evolved in to “serious coffee for not so serious people.”

“Lu” (the cute guy on our logo) is all about happiness. Luca wanted something to represent his ideas and ideals. “Lu” is a caricature of two coffee beans and represents the beans from the world’s largest area supplying coffee beans, South America.

While coffee will make you feel good and the flavour is something to dwell on, they are only a part of the reason we drink it. Taking time out each day to reflect on what’s been going on, get away from your desk or catch up with a friend, is paramount to remaining human.

When do you have your coffee each day?