Lucaffe Australia is 10 years old

After we started Lucaffe Australia, one of the things we thought would happen is that we would become immune to the delicious smell of our coffee, BUT NO, every day we come to work and open one of our ESE espresso pod packets the aroma is a real joy, still!

When we started in 2009, smart phones were still a new thing, social media was a curiosity and advertising was still printed in magazines. The changes we have seen in the way businesses sell and operate have been rapid and exciting. The way we communicate changes every year/week/day. Everyones expectations are so much higher and immediate. 

What have we learned over 10 years?

  • Your expectation of quality espresso has risen.
  • Our customers want coffee delivered simply and quickly.
  • The coffee machines must be simple and easy to use.
  • The vast majority of our customers really care about the environment.

It never ceases to amaze us the range of companies that buy our ESE espresso coffee pods, the diversity is quite amazing and always a new adventure for us. Among those companies there are;

Accountants, Advertising Companies, AFL Clubs, Aged Care Facilities, Agrifood Businesses, Architects, Attorneys, Bakeries, Bars, Barristers, Car dealers, Caterers, Coffee Vans, Cleaning Companies, Construction Companies, Day Spas, Debt Collectors, Dentists, Digital Design Companies, Doctors, Employment Agencies, Engineers, Farmers, Finance Companies, Financial Planners, Fitness centres, Football Clubs, Framers, Furniture companies, General Stores, Golf Clubs,  Govt Offices, Gyms, Hairdressers, Hotels, Insurance Companies, IT Integrators, Jewellers, Landscape Companies, Lawyers, Medical centres, Medical Specialists, Members of Parliament, Pubs, Oral surgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Patisseries, Pharmaceutical Companies, Photographers, Printers, Project Management Companies, Promotional Products Companies, Property Management Companies, Publishers, Restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts, Rugby Clubs, Schools, Ski Lodges, Software Companies, Tennis Courts, Town Planners, Universities, Water Board, Watersports Companies, Web Design Companies and Wine Merchants

And not to mention the numerous Lucaffé converts at home who unfailingly buy their ESE coffee pods each month.

We have delivered coffee to many obscure places around Australia from Kununurra to Hobart, Brisbane to Perth and all points in between. We have even sent coffee to post offices in remote areas for customers to collect on the way through on their travels.

To all of our wonderful customers, we say thank you. You have made 10 years a joy and we look forward to the next 10.