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Meet the Lucaffe machines

You’ve heard the saying ‘a builder is only as good as his tools’, so is a coffee only as good as its machine? Here at Lucaffé Australia we believe both go hand in hand.

Since our coffee is imported from Italy, so are our machines. La Piccola is Italy’s leading ese coffee pod machine manufacturer. Each machine is hand crafted to provide convenience and an Exquisite espresso with every use.

Please say buongiorno to our machines: Cecilia, Sara, and Piccola Piccola.

The Cecilia machine is suited to an office, restaurant, or home environment and will keep your coffee making stress free with its speed, cleanliness, and easy maintenance. You will create perfect espressos, and surprise those you are serving with your barista style coffees.

Sara is the perfect two-in-one machine as it is equipped with twin boiler capabilities allowing it’s user to make a divine espresso and perfectly steamed milk simultaneously.

Last, but certainly not least, the Piccola Piccola, which means small in Italian, is a compact yet powerful machine that can go with you just about anywhere! It can produce up to 50 espressos an hour, and because of its low power usage is environmentally friendly.

You may be thinking with all of its parts, a coffee machine could require a lot of maintenance. However, this is not the case for the La Piccola machines! All La Piccola machines are delightfully low maintenance, simple to use, and all parts are stocked in Australia.

Check out our website for more information on the machines, or pop by our showroom for a peek, and a taste.


“e vivi la vita”

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