Milan Chater entrance

To Participate or not to Participate – World Expo Milano 2015

World Expo 2015 is in Milan this year and I visited it last Sunday to get a handle on the theme, layout and general atmosphere before a longer visit in October.

Theme – “The paradox of a quarter of the world starving and a quarter of the world obese.” Pretty strong stuff. The ideas of the Milan Charter are the basis for discussion throughout this world expo. There is a copy of the ideas in the EXPO pictures on our facebook page HERE.

Layout – It is easy to access from Milan on the tube or train (10 minutes or so from Duomo) When you arrive everyone is subjected to security, (like tough airport security). Then finally you arrive and start to explore. Initially you progress through pavilion Zero (a must see) and on to the main plaza. Simple layout and a lot of walking to get around. I had arrived on day 3 of 6 months of Expo and in a typically relaxed Italian fashion there was still work to be done. I would say to complete the site about 5-10% was still being finished or not yet open, however within weeks I would think this will all be done.

General impression – Wow! If you have half an interest in the future of people on this planet and want to have your faith in humanity restored a little, in a world that seems to be falling apart then visit World Expo. Sixty Countries as disparate as Brazil, Angola, Russia and Iran have major architecturally superb pavilions among the 150 pavilions gracing the Expo park. If you walked up and down each avenue and along the main boulevard you would cover nearly 10km.

Embarrasing part – Firstly Australia is not represented, embarrassing. The extraordinary Italian pavilion leads you through a journey over 3 stories of the building culminating in a room containing the Milan Charter (once again see attached). After viewing you are invited to sign the Milan Charter on a bank of computers to show support. Once I had filled in my name and email address on the computer you are requested to select your country before signing on the screen. There was no “Australia” to select there wasn’t even an option for “other”, our country was not included. I simply had to exit and not sign it. Embarrassing!

PS click HERE to view the Expo photos including the Milan Charter