Pod construction defined

To Pod or not to Pod

Nothing will ever beat the coffee crafted by a skilled barista lovingly handling coffee beans from grinder to the group handle and in to the cup. A beautifully pulled espresso coffee is as succulent and exciting as a delicious glass of wine.

When time, effort and your favourite barista aren’t available the next best thing is to have your coffee precisely ground, perfectly compacted in to a disc ready for a coffee machine. Cover this disc in a permeable food grade paper and you have an ese coffee pod. All the technically difficult part of espresso making is handled by the roaster. Your job is to extract 30ml of coffee in to a cup.

There are other types of pods, some very successful with big marketing campaigns behind them and they produce a good espresso, however the supreme coffee pod is the ese coffee pod. These are especially good if the roaster is a true artisan and lifelong student of the intricacies of coffee growing, roasting, grinding and packaging. Lucaffé ese coffee pods are crafted with the same love that all our coffee’s are delivered. Each pod will be a fresh explosion of flavour delivering a beautiful sweet crema and full bodied espresso each time.

That’s why we say “fatto col cuore” (made with love) and “e vivi la vita” which means Love Life!