Is Coffee Service
a hassle in your
Restaurant or Bar?

Did you know European venue owners solved coffee service problems 20 years ago?


  • Italian coffee
  • Easy for everyone
    to make
  • Fast
  • Clean
  • No Grinding
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Secure

and delicious coffee…


Will it work FOR YOU

  • La Piccola machines take the guess work out of making perfect Italian espresso by usine ESE espresso coffee pods.
  • Lucaffe Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) coffee pods are pre dosed coffee pucks encased in a food grade permeable paper and individually packed in a modified atmosphere to keep them fresh.
  • Every dose is exactly the same and produces exactly the same coffee result every time with little training or effort.
  • Each coffee is predosed and comes in a box of 150 so keeping track of your SKUs is simple.
  • Each ESE coffee pod is 100% biodegradeable so your coffee waste can go straight in with your compostables.
  • In fact used ESE coffee pods are compost gold as coffee waste helps accelerate the composting process.
  • By eliminating the space used for a grinder and the associated mess there is more bench space and less clutter. La Piccola commercial machines are designed to be compact specifically with restaurants and bars in mind.
  • Every pre-dosed Lucaffe ese coffee pod delivers exactly the same consistent, delicious result, no matter who the user is
  • La Piccola Machines are simple to maintain and clean. Daily cleaning takes moments and servicing is simple, fast and inexpensiv
  • Every Lucaffe pre-dosed ESE coffee pod is sealed in a modified atmosphere and stays fresh ready for the perfect extraction.
  • That means there's no need for a grinder or knock out bin elimating most of the noise of traditional coffee machines.
  • Every Lucaffe pre-dosed ESE coffee pod is sealed in a modified atmosphere and stays fresh ready for the perfect extraction.
  • La Piccola machines are great value so the outlay for the machine is low and so is the price per coffee.
  • Lucaffe has a range of options for the purchase of machines from simple payment plans to being a Silver Chef accredited supplier.

We’ve been helping restaurants and bars run the coffee side of their business better for over 10 years here in Australia.

We’re coffee snobs, we understand what a good coffee tastes like and know how hard it can be with a lot of staff and a busy venue to manage coffee.

Our Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) system could be the answer you have been looking for!

Lucaffe coffee & La Piccola ESE coffee pod machines are …

  1. Italian and from a culture that will not accept poor mass produced coffee.
  2. Easy for all staff to produce. No Barista required!
  3. Fast - producing coffees in less time than a traditional machine
  4. Clean - keeping your bar/kitchen area tidy all the time and no ground coffee mess.
  5. Compact - requires less space than traditional machines. Perfect for small spaces. Doesn’t need grinder, doser or a knock out bin.
  6. Quiet - without the need for grinding or knocking out.
  7. Secure - easy to account for stock and to store stock
  8. Fun - staff find it easy to use and clean helping them to sell more coffee.
  9. Delcious - as it produces superb espresso every time that will not disappoint customers.

Find out more about howyour restaurant or bar can switch to better & simpler coffee