Pulcinella Lucapsule



Lucapsule is a coffee pod capsule compatible with machines that can also take Nespresso coffee pod machines. 100% home compostable packaged in a 100% recyclable tin.

1 tin = 20 pods   —–  6 tins = 120 pods —–  12 tins = 240 pods

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This is the capsule to get you going. Pulcinella is made from a new coffee plant grown in Africa with twice the carffeine of a regular Arabica coffee. Not for the Feint hearted.

Over several years Luca, our founder, has been researching the best roasting, grinding packing and environmentally friendly way of producing a Nespresso® compatible coffee pod capsule. It has been a long and involved process.

Ultimately the coffee pod capsule Lucaffe has produced is superbly delicious and responds to environmental questions. They are packaged in tins of 20 pods to keep them fresh.

The 100% recyclable tin has a dual purpose.

1. The sealed tin keeps them perky, fresh and ready to go. Compostable capsules pods stored in anything else are slightly permeable to air which means they can go stale in a few weeks or so.

2. The tin is 100% recyclable or you can repurpose it as a pot plant, pen holder or what ever use takes your fancy.

The Coffee Pod Capsules are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Produced using a plant based cover, they will decompose and disappear into the environment.

The coffee grounds will even enhance the nitrogen levels in the soil. Coffee pods as they should be.

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