Special Ground Coffee pack


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Three completely different styles of coffee, precision ground to suit your Espresso machine, a cafetiere, french press of even a cold brew. Contained in a 40FE recyclable tin and perfectly sealed in a modified atmosphere to keep them perky and fresh. This range of ground coffees will take you on a voyage of discovery.
Our delightful Blucaffe, the private blend of Mr Exclusive 100% Arabica and our delicious Lucaffe Classic.



These three 500gr tins of Ground Coffee are sealed with a modified atmosphere that keeps the perfectly fresh until they are opened.

Blucaffe is Lucaffe’s special blend of beans with some originating from Jamaica and some from a secret location. Air roasted to perfection to deliver choclatey velvet notes with a lingering flavour that will have you dreaming of your next one.

Mr Exclusive is Luca’s private blend. He owns Lucaffe and his background as one of Italy’s best artisan roasters is well deserved. A blend of 4 different arabica beans from different corners of the world creates a coffee that smells like toasted bread when ground and delivers a pale crema and satisfyingly long finish.

Classic, the name says it all. Lucaffe Classic is the quintessential Italian coffee, full of flavour and punch. Think the best coffee bar in italy and this is Classic.

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