EXQUISIT DOPPIO – 14gr Large ESE pod


Toasty, and nutty with a touch of chocolate.

PLEASE STOP and CHECK if this pod suits your machine. Exquisit DOPPIO is a large (Approx 14gr & 55mm diam) paper coffee pod for specifically designed coffee group heads or handles.

This is the coffee we serve at HQ as our standard pour.

Available in a dispenser pack  of 80 DOPPIO ESE coffee pods. Select below.

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These pods are a double sized 14gram pod and WILL NOT fit in a standard ese coffee pod group head.
They are specifically designed for a large ESE pod group head or handle.
The Exquisit blend is definitely a “fresh out of bed” coffee. Its aromas of toast and nut are reminiscent of freshly roasted granola which translate onto the palate with a coconut husk-like granularity. It has that chocolate quality that a lot of our coffees sport, and a touch of dried fruits. As the name suggests this is an exquisite blend of some of the finest Arabica beans with a hint of Robusta. This is a coffee for discerning espresso drinkers. Exquisit equally delivers a delicious long black, espresso or milky coffee for the coffee connoisseur.

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15 pods, 60 Pods (4x15pk), 4x Boxes of 80, 80 Doppio Pods, 18 pods, 50 pods, 150 pods, 1 kg