MR EXCLUSIVE 100% Arabica


The black package –

A balance of dark chocolate, oakiness and hints of dried fruit.

Mister Exclusive is Gian Luca’s (the founder of Lucaffe) private blend of Arabica beans sourced from Brazil, Central Asia and Central Africa. It is easily our best seller and is probably the best coffee to try if you haven’t tried any of our blends before.

It has an unmistakable dark chocolate quality that lingers on the pallet for the length of the drink, which is supported by a maple wood and fresh-baked bread aroma with subtle hints of cherry and blackberry poking through with its evenly balanced acidity. It’s the coffee everyone talks about, and it is definitely the preferred coffee for our dedicated and discerning espresso drinkers.

Available as dispenser packs of 150, 60 or 15 ESE coffee pods. Select an option below.

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This is Gian Luca’s private blend and definitely one of our favourites. We blend some of the finest Arabica beans from Brazil with a little from central Asia and a little from central Africa.

Gian Luca is particularly fussy about this blend and it varies from roast to roast as he maintains the integrity of the taste he aims to achieve. Freshly ground, the smell is intoxicating with hints of freshly baked bread.

There is probably no other Arabica coffee that will give you the same aroma.

It pours a beautiful pale crema and has a perfect balance of fruit and acid on the palate when drunk as an espresso. Is it the perfect coffee? We like to think so.

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15 pods, 60 Pods (4x15pk), 18 pods, 50 pods, 150 pods, 250g Ground, 1 kg