An intense and robust dark roast

This bean makes our strongest coffee, it’s a bean variant that was found in one of the farms Lucaffe sources from in Africa. Originally there was so much robusta in the bean it was deemed undrinkable, but after some experimentation splicing it with different arabicas they were able to find balance for ‘bean x’. This has resulted in a coffee that is unusually rich in caffeine and has an intense, dark and robust flavour. It punches with a brown roast and fresh tobacco straight up, that stretches and leaves behind subtleties of caramelisation, raisins and dark chocolate. This coffee is versatile but also makes a REALLY good mocha.

Available as dispenser packs of 150, 60 or 15 ESE coffee pods. Select an option below.

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Sweet, mysterious, playful and deliciously addictive, Pulcinella is the new, Natural Energy drink. Boasting nearly twice the caffeine of normal coffees, Pulcinella sets a new direction for coffee.

This coffee is the result of a collaboration between Lucaffe and one of their African growers.

The combination of a special rare species of coffee plant and an Arabica plant delivers a truly unusual rich and fragrant coffee.

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15 pods, 60 Pods (4x15pk), 18 pods, 50 pods, 150 pods