The enjoyment factor

STOP looking down and have a coffee

In the light of recent world events perspective is something that we often lose sight of. The mental noise that the volume of news we are bombarded with creates is unsettling and often overwhelming. Mainstream media rams “gotcha” moments down our throats and dresses up unimportant and often irrelevant information as news that may affect us.

Where does this lead us? I call it cocooning. We are disappearing down the hole and into the world of our smart phones the very same device that is the delivery system for the enormous amount of news that we are fed.

I ride a motorcycle most days to work through the city. It is my “zen” time. No phone (gloves prevent any sort of use of the phone). So I observe. We have the collective heads down approach to life. I doubt anyone standing at a bus stop knows what the weather, or their surrounds, or the people that are around them, are like. Worst of all the news is so important people are looking at it as they cross the road blissfully unaware of their surroundings.

We all love a coffee. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a device that rendered smartphones useless whilst having a coffee? Chatting without the interruption of a smart phone. Half an hour with someone else and no interruptions. Imagine having a coffee (and it should be a good one) and NOT taking a picture of it, NOT rating it on a coffee app and NOT facebooking/insatgramming it, NOT texting or receiving a text. We might even talk to another person or take in our surroundings and enjoy the moment. The same could happen around bus stops. That way we might say hello to the people we share a journey with each day.

If we did this simple thing (turn off our phones that is, for a specified time each day say 2 x 30minute periods) we would give ourselves a break from the horror that is dished up as news each day. We then might notice the inherent beauty of our surroundings both existentially and physically.