The Lucaffe Story

Lucaffe started as a small artisan coffee roaster over 20 years ago and became a significant supplier of coffee in Italy, and now the world. Retaining the care that only an artisan can supply and taking an active interest in each aspect of the roasting process, Lucaffe controls the growing of the bean to flavour at the cup.

The Lucaffe Coffee Roasting Company was founded in 1996 on the shores of Lake Garda at Padenghe sul Garda by Gian Luca Venturelli. Years at university studying coffee then working with growers in South America, nurtured the passion and intensity with which Gian Luca developed his coffee philosophy. The company grew rapidly and expanded further in 2004, moving to its new headquarters at Carpenedolo (Brescia).

Lake Garda, Padenghe sul Garda

Gian Luca also produces and distributes La Piccola cialde (ese coffee pod) machines

Ese coffee pods and espresso machines

Lucaffe is famous for its attention to quality and consistency of roasting. Each roast is handled with the same attention to detail whether it is one of Gian Luca’s special blends or one of their single origin coffees.

While renowned for the quality of their roasted beans, Lucaffe is famous for their cialde (ese coffee pods). As one of the pioneers in this area Lucaffe is at the forefront of this growing trend in Europe and the world.

Gian Luca also produces and distributes La Piccola cialde (ese coffee pod) machines. The collaboration between the two companies, taking the best of the artisan tradition of coffee roasting and espresso machine design, led to full-scale experimentation in the field of "easy served" espresso, making it possible to produce products of exceptional quality on both fronts.

It is with passion and enthusiasm that we distribute one of the world’s great coffees here in Australia

Lucaffe Australia brings that same passion and dedication to the Australian coffee scene. Lucaffe Italy has introduced the “sommelier del caffe” concept to help with the appreciation of coffee around the world. Understanding the differences between the coffee origins and their respective palates is central to appreciating the menu of Lucaffe coffees.

The Lucaffe Brisbane store