What are we drinking?

Lucaffe has 9 different blends and single origin coffees and it can be confusing as to which one to try. We decided that it would be interesting to ask each of the team at Lucaffe Australia which coffee they drink and how they drink it.

GR You’re chief bean around here, how do you take your coffee?

I love a long black. First thing in the morning I have a single shot long black made on our Mamma Lucia blend, I call it my cup of “tea”. The lack of intensity affords me the sweetness of the coffee without punching me in the head with flavour. Then at 10:30 (and I don’t need a watch to tell me it’s 10:30) I have my favourite coffee of the day. This is a double shot of our Mr Exclusive 100% arabica blend as a long black ¾ full. Then later in the day I often have a sneaky espresso, I mix it up with which one I drink, currently I am loving the single Origin Colombia. It helps with thinking and leaves a delicious flavour in the mouth.

Let’s ask CB how she enjoys her coffee. As the graphic designer it’s not surprising that we’ve been told she is quite specific

Ha, ha! Yes I am quite specific. As I only have one coffee every day I like it made perfectly to my specification. Usually, someone else makes my coffee for me in the morning so there is some trepidation about getting it right. I drink a double shot Exquisit blend in my special “Boss lady” cup. I have it as a cafe latte, but not too much froth, on lactose-free milk and not too hot so I can savour it straight away. 

The Big Boss is KR, so KR when do you like your coffee?

They call me the big boss but we are a great team here. I have my first coffee as soon as I walk in the door to work. Like CB I am very specific about how I like my coffee. While I am happy to drink the other coffees in our range through the day my first coffee is always a double shot Blucaffe. Blucaffe has a rich flavour and is delicious. I like my Blucaffe made as a cafe latte on Maleny Dairies full cream milk, in a Duralex 6oz glass. Then at around 10:00 it is time for a cafe macchiato on one of our other styles, often our Exquisit blend. 

ER you look after the customer’s service needs and ground operations. You also see coffee drunk in all sorts of ways. How do you like it?

Well it’s a bit of a joke here as I have winter and summer coffees. This winter I have been drinking a Dop-Pul-Lac-Moc in a duralex glass. Sounds exotic but the actual coffee is Double shot  (doppio) Pulcinella on Lactose-free milk made as a Mocha with chocolate. As the weather warms up I like to have an iced long black on either Mr Exclusive or Mamma Lucia. Of course, I top up with various espressos during the day.

Well JP as our resident sportsman and barista what tickles your fancy when it comes to coffee?

I am a boring old long black drinker. I love the lingering clean flavours of a long black. Sometimes I have it as single shot sometimes a double shot and I’m not that fussy as to which coffee because they’re all good. Probably if I was pressed I would prefer a Mr Exclusive or Colombia but usually it’s whatever box I look at first. It’s fun to mix them up because each coffee has its own unique flavour and characteristic.

Our resident Nerd and fashionista is EP. Now what sort of coffee do you need and when do you drink it?

I need my coffee in the morning to get going so I have a long black usually made on Mr Exclusive because it seems to satisfy me like no other coffee. I am currently at uni and love a Decaf long black while I am studying. It is a long drink that I can keep sipping and have several times while I am at my desk.

MP you are also studying at the moment. Is coffee a part of your daily routine?

What sort of question is that, I breathe and I drink coffee! 

One cannot be functional without a regular coffee habit. I start my day off with a warm-up single-shot long black then later move into a double shot latte or long black depending on how I am feeling. Mostly I drink Mamma Lucia or even our Lucaffe Classic.

EK is another designer and is quite specific about her coffee. What’s your favourite?

Over the last year I think I may have OD’d on my double shot long blacks with a splash of milk made exclusively on Nocciola. It was my dreamiest coffee and I would have quite a few in the mornings.  If you asked me what my favourite coffee was though, I’d say it would definitely be one made for me by someone else!